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discipline on the legislative spending machine. >> that's it for this week's aide digs of "the journal editorial report". hope to see you right here next week. right here next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch, fury turns festive when protesters in egypt celebrate mubarak's departure. what role did the media play in this saga. >> the longer i'm in this job, the more i enjoy it. >> jon: bill o'reilly gets his time with the president. >> i'm not in business to be with you mr. president. >> jon: and arianna's huffington post, this guy is on the move again. now, teaming up with al gore's
11:31 pm
currently tv and any surprise here? cpac kicks off with the best in class in the conservative ranks and the media used the event to dissect the dissent. grabbing at straws? and are we headed for a big time girl fight? >> i hate you, diane sawyer. >> jon: on the panel this week, lynn sweet washington burrow chief for the sun times and jim pinkerton, fellow, american news council, and alan colmes. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. by combining huff-post with aol site, driving focus and international reach we know we'll be creating a company that can have an enormous
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impact, reaching an audience on every imaginable global platform. that was ariana huffington announcing a merger between aol and her website. that's different from what we sawed a few years ago about a merger. and mega corporations have had a deleterious effect. lessening competition, choking off debate and elevating profit over the public good. so, the question is, ariana a sellout? >> and two companies merging? we have more platforms than we've ever had. you can go on the web and go to all different platforms. simply because she made a great deal for herself, she showed herself to be a great business woman. you'd take the 350 million. >> jon: that was a surprise to me that aol had 350 million left. >> you have to hand it to ariana, she claims her site is
11:33 pm
not left wing, defining her views-- defining her left wing views to be neither left or right. i think that's a mistake to lose its left wing identity. and pictures of scantily glad models, no ideology one way or the other. >> jon: does the deal say that aol is taking a political stance? >> that's the issue. i mean, a lot of very good websites within the aol empire, even map quest, there could be a political call ration on them. and tech wrun much. most went to michael arends and he's a well-known guy and will he be taking orders from a liberal in new york. >> and she's moving to new york and-- >> in a limousine. >> across country. >> in a limousine? >> with a pool, probably, okay. >> jon: she'll be in charge of
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the content of that aol-- >> ariana used to be, used to be on hannity, promoting the impeachment of bill clinton and been in different places. it's highly possible she's a chameleon and will be perform comfortable in the new situation, but the huffington post is a traffic monster and some measure at least on left wing politics. >> aol is somewhat on the right wing policy. i write for aol and you see some of the responses i get and tweeting people and-- >> right wing, but not too right wing. >> a little bit right, but-- >> another big media story this week. keith olbermann you'll be happy to know is no longer homeless, now has a job with al gore's current tv. lynn sweet any surprise there? >> well, i'm surprised that he went to an outlet that has no few viewers, given his fame and his stature. maybe he he could grow an audience for them.
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that might be surprise, to diminish his viewership going there. >> is it possible, alan he might get that chance. >> build a viewership. he is not just got as a host, a viewer. he could be as part owner of it. >> given how many bridges he's burned. he didn't have a lot of options so i think this is pretty good for him. when he joined msnbc. joining a network without a lot of viewers wherele' be the big gorilla and presumably work his will in a lot of ways. if his content gets online and fans promoting and devoted to it. >> we joined fox news, look what we have, nothing. >> look how you built this. >> jon: thanks, alan. here is what al gore had to say about his new hire. among his many talents, he, meaning, olbermann, has an eye for what works and who would be good on the show and potentially doing other shows and we're going to let that
11:36 pm
evolve. en he is he' responsible by far making the brand of the network he he most recently worked at. and doesn't want to say, but-- >> yeah, they've got the match, a fighting match at msnbc over the number of subscribers they have. the current tv started in 2005, one of the big duds of the last decades. >> jon: how does it stay on. >> they've he got money, deep pacts of liberals like al gore and they thought they were going to do like a youtube channel or video, but only didn't get to pick the youtubes, videos and youtube came out the same year, obviously a million times bigger and got to pick and choose your own stuff and to have the cable carriage so they like msnbc. they've got time to rethink the format over and over again until they find something that works. olbermann is a good gamble for them. >> jon: his title is chief news officer. if you've he got keith olbermann as your chief news officer, it's obvious which way your coverage is going to
11:37 pm
lean? >> well, it's-- what you have is a lot ever slicing and dicing and there's no reason i guess to think that he has a point of view other than what you saw on the show. here is the point on all of these evolving new platforms. i think that people understand that as a business model, you want to find your niche and olbermann right now is associated, you know, left of center. it would seem reasonable for him to go wherever his vision is. maybe when he goes here and if he is trying to build audience, and have said, maybe he has a vision for doing things differently and not just repeating what he's done at msnbc. >> there are reports that the show is going to air his old msnbc time slot. is that going to hurt that network? >> the over time. who knows? i mean, there's such a-- so many moving parts on all of these media predict what's going 0 happen. >> if he takes 20% of his people from msnbc and it's a
11:38 pm
gigantic game. >> a lot of it depends how people can find current on the cable and it isn't easily identified place to be. >> and given the program the number one button. >> jon: to keep up on media stories on the week and bias batch with jim pinkerton, go to watch. still ahead the media role in the egyptian revolution and what does the president really think about fox news? >> mr. president, thank you very much for doing this. >> bill o'reilly gets a face-to-face with barack obama on super bowl sunday. and getting a big audience and big reaction in the press. and a u.s. congressman resigned from his post after his topless photo is found. how has the media handled this scandal? scandal? deta this way, everyone will know out all r great discounts. safe driver, online, homeowner's -- more discounts than ever before.
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. >> uma: the-- the reality news operates as the research arm or communications arm of the republican party. when they >> let's not pretended they are a news network the way cnn is. news like cnn is. >> that's white house director anita dunn in 2009 making it clear what the obama white house thought. and now a change as bill o'reilly found out this week. >> do you think you're being
11:42 pm
treated by fox news now. >> i think that the news guys, i think, try to do a good job, let's face it, fox news, i think, has a point of view, there's nothing wrong with that. there's a strong history in america of all news having some sort of point of view, and fox news has a point of view and i think that's part ever our democracy. >> do you respect it. >> absolutely. >> now, what about it, alan, are the views that anita dunn expressed gone at the white house. i don't see much difference. the president did make a point, there is a point of view and employ potential republican candidates and appeal to hard core audience and he said that's fine in a democracy. do you have a problem with that? i never think so. he never said let's shut down fox news, let's let them never exist. that's not an issue. >> the difference is, two years ago when anita said that she was citing chairman mao.
11:43 pm
>> that's not what she said. >> folks, google it. >> that's not what she said. >> anita dunn, chairman mao, that's not what she said. >> they were trying to organize a boycott against fox, lasted two weeks and now obama figured out correctly it will help him get reelected. >> and applying invoked mao the white house to shut down fox like a police station. >> she called mao her favorite political philosopher. >> in a certain way. >> that's not conducive with free speech and-- >> not in a way they would use it to, the state would shut down the media. >> and i love it when debates about mao breaks out, good times. clearly, alan, there was an effort to deny the legitimacy of fox and this is the key calibration and obama said. that the reporters are straight, and america and a free society have the diversity of opinions and not
11:44 pm
everyone has to be kind of the mushy liberalism. >> i don't think he ever said otherwise. >> let's go to lynn, what about the overall press reaction to the o'reilly-obama interview? >> well, i think the reaction was muted. bill o'reilly brought some interesting views and blog beforehand and i think talking about how he was going to treat the president with respect. i think he had reasonable questions and ned an edge to them, but my questions do, too, and i think he went through the material he wanted to, questions of the day, plus some other stuff. there was no particular buzz one way or the other that i heard in the press corps and also, about the white house's response to fox, actions speaks louder than words, he had the interview. >> and bill maher went on and said it was unpatriotic-- >> it's hilarious bill maher count themselves as fearless
11:45 pm
in the face of the establishment and craven in the love of obama so much, they hate it when somebody speaks up to him and they're reverend toward authorities that he they like and even if they're contemptuous of authorities they don't like. >> the end of an erat the white house with robert gibbs leaving as press secretary. report card? >> i think he did a pretty good job. it's a tough job and you're often times thrown out there to defend things that aren't entirely defensible or haven't been worked out and those have been-- >> all right, time for another break, we're always on the lookout for media bias. send examples that you see to us here. news watch at up next, the media role in the egyptian revolution. how is the press treating political conservatives? those topics ahead. . >> for 2012 is this, making barack obama a one-term president! >> political conservatives got
11:46 pm
together to look to the future, as the media gang up, dissect the party and attempt to dismantle the g.o.p. >> i hate you, diane sawyer. >> a gleeful moment takes a shot at abc's news week, [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her escriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply
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>> it became more and more clear that this was the appearance of change. his answer for americans out of work was more government spending and a 50 billion dollar high speed rail project. he replaced his chicago politician chief of staff with a fresh face from chicago named daley. make no mistake here, folks, what we are watching is not brave new world. what we're watching is
11:50 pm
groundhog day. [applaus [applause]. >> uma:. >> jon: that's mitt romney at cpac giving his view on president obama. and potentially dismissed as three-day carnival of republican ladder climbers and throwers. >> exactly, where they run. look, he's a flip-flopper, this guy was for obama care when it was massachusetts and romney care, michelle bachman calling obama a socialist and rick santorum saying obama takes his freedom away and they doesn't want to give way productive freedom and gays and marriage. a great carnival, great for me so i get great sound bites for my radio show, a cornucopia of delight tore me. >> jon: a lot of media outlets tend to treat it as alan does, sort after freak show. >> one of the big story lines is split over the inclusion of
11:51 pm
gay rights group and this is another story line the media just loves, the idea that social conservative and economic conservatives are on the verge of a massive divorce and the story has been written over and over again, there's an inherit attention again and the coalition held together for 30 years and the tea party is perfect melding of that coalition, there's no such thing as pro choice and different points of view. >> just talk to romney, national review in the 1950's under frank meyer says described as obvious continuing tension between the two factions and for most the time they say stuck together. >> conservatives look at blue dog democrats and progressive democrats and the same game is played on the other side. >> and dissent has been sort of the media narrative about cpac and all stories, most of the stories when you talk about dissent in the ranks. >> well, i think, i take it a little different view. i think the story also says that there were 2012 contenders coming in to meet the cpac people who were going
11:52 pm
to the meetings this week. and you don't get all of these people coming for, you know, just create a spectacle. there are stories about the left forever, when labor, you know, i've seen many stories written about, you know, whether the left wing, the professional left comments that robert gibbs made, so i would say that, yes, there's an element of circus with the meeting here, but i think the story is 2012 contenders go in to audition for the group. >> let's go on to the biggest story of the week. the world watched history in the making on friday when egypt's presley hosni mubarak stepped down and giving in to protesters who had been demanding that he leave office. it was a revolution that really started on facebook. it was sustained by twitter, and saved by google. i mean, it shows the power of the social media.
11:53 pm
>> right, i mean the one authentic hero that's been created in this is this fellow the google executive, helped orchestrate this. went back, and was in prison for i think, 12 days. if you want proof the media have a global impacts, google is the leader. >> jon: rich, you're the representative of traditional media. >> we hope so. the huffington post complain na they don't pay anything and national media was paying-- >> when was the last time the national review forced a dictator out of office. >> we take some credit for end of the cold war and the fall of-- at least our guy did, ronald reagan. >> and ronald reagan worked for national review? i didn't see that on his resume'. >> reagan was, cpac. >> jon: go ahead, lynn. >> one of the interesting off shoots about this, there is a question and senator durbin brought it up.
11:54 pm
whether or not facebook should allow people to post anonymously, and in egypt, having their identity, exposure puts some people at risk. so, i think we also-- there might be some rethinking over how people can present themselves on facebook, and this is going to be a very critical communications tool in societies that usually don't allow free communication and have a police state or a semi police state, but it's an incredible social media story. >> very quickly, we have to touch on this story, congressman chris lee who made headlines when he sent a photo via face pobook to a female friend, a shirtless photo. the headline-- >> the republican party, jim. >> i think that was incorrect. look, as i said on my-- you know, his real party is--
11:55 pm
as i said on fox bias bash, morality may have declined on politicians, but form we have technician, they get caught thanks to gawker and cell phone cameras. >> go ahead. >> this is another example of social media at work this way and probably in a way that's a cautionary tale. who does this kind of thing. >> and we have to take one more break. >> in the there's a history of-- >> when we come back, there seems to be a battle brewing on network tv. >> sue and diane, katie, and who said what to whom. will this end in tears? much next on news watch. ♪ you've got one of a kind eyes, so individualize with exact eyelights eye brightening mascara, liner, and shadow collections from covergirl. find your custom colors with light-reflecting metallics and say hello to brighter eyes!
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in the voting you we it on the following losers, mel gibson
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wall street, tiger woods, the dallas cowboys. the unemployment and sparky lohan who is the lohan's dog and also a loser zbl i hated you diane sawyer. >> the abc news anchor responded the next morning with a tweet. as a former, in fact, wannabe cheerleader, i'll meet you in the gym -- it didn't end there. on "world news tonight", the jane lynch character was featured on a w

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